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About the film...

HELL HOUNDS is a supernatural horror film similar in style to the massive box office hit, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.   It is presented in the style of “found footage”, i.e. from cameras set up by the film’s characters in an attempt to document the supernatural events occurring around them.


What separates our film from other "found footage" films is we are adding two additional elements to the mix. Hot sexiness and comedy.  HELL HOUNDS is not a comedy per se.  It is a real Horror film with real scares and real dangers. But the characters are fun and funny. The audience grows to like the characters and identify with them so when the fit hits the shan,  we are emotionally invested.


And the film is sexy.  Oh boy is it sexy!


It is a rollercoaster ride of laughs, naughtiness and real scares until the final confrontation with evil...


...when all Hell breaks loose!

Maggie and Jack go at it while a Demon watches on

About the Talent...


    Director Glenn TakakjianGlenn Takakjian has been involved with film-making for over thirty years. A successful commercial and corporate Director/Producer,  Glenn  wrote, directed and co-produced the 35mm Feature Film entitled Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor ** Winner Best Special Effects Award - Houston WorldFest Film Festival.


    METAMORPHOSIS is currently available on DVD through Vidmark/Lionsgate Entertainment. According to VideoStore Magazine, in it’s first week it was listed #4 in the most rented (per store copy) video in release. The film continued to show extremely strong numbers in the ensuing years and has gained a cult status in the world of sci-fi and horror fandom.


    In recent years Glenn has directed and produced a number of web series and short films.


    Throughout his career, Glenn has established himself as a highly efficient Director/Producer; his specialty being “...making a little money look like a lot of money on screen.”


    Highly skilled in all the technical aspects of the film-making process, Glenn is able to oversee (and often perform) many of the chores required to make a movie, from pre-production through marketing of a film.  His extensive knowledge and facility with Apple computers allows him to work first hand on AVID, FINAL CUT, and other non-linear edit systems.


    With the assistance of state of the art design and paint programs, Glenn has created a number of movie posters and advertisements for the presale of some small budget films as well as newspaper and magazine advertisements.  He has also created motion graphics, 3D animation and special effects for shows like the History Channel’s MODERN MARVELS and THROUGH THE WORMHOLE with Morgan Freeman.


    Glenn has worked as writer, director, producer, editor and motion graphics designer for such clients as A&E Biography, the History Channel, The Disney Channel, VH1, The Lifetime Channel, Caesar’s Palace, David Benoit, Clint Black, and Playboy Television,  among others.


    As of last count, Glenn has authored 18 screenplays, 6 teleplays, a novel based on one of his screenplays, and numerous treatments.


    Glenn’s experience also includes Musical Direction of a number of Off-Off Broadway productions,  actor,  stuntman, and both Improv & Sketch Comedy Performer at various theaters and clubs in NY and Los Angeles.




    Big Tony GraziaWith over twenty-five years in the film and commercial industry, Tony Grazia has earned a reputation of the highest caliber for integrity, creativity and cutting-edge innovative film-making. He has worked as a producer and director of feature films, television programs, documentaries and commercials over the course of his accomplished career.


    Tony most recently Line Produced and Second Unit Directed the feature film THE ARCHITECT starring Parker Posey and Eric McCormick.  He also Line Produced and Second Unit Directed the feature film 21 AND OVER,  directed and written by the writers of The Hangover. He has just finished Producing Eli Roth's horror film LAKE MEAD and is currently shooting Kate Beckinsdale's latest project THE DISAPPOINTMENTS ROOM.


    Some of his more notable productions over the years include:


    Line Producer on the reshoots of the film THE IMMORTALS starring Mickey Rourke and Henry Cavill.


    Line Producer on the film THE PERFECT AGE OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL starring Jason Ritter, Peter Fonda and Kelly Lynch, and Line Producer for the New York segments of the Starz Original series HEAD CASE starring Jerry Seinfeld.


    Executive Producer of the television program JURY DUTY for Winged Victory Films, featuring well known attorney Bruce Cutler and an all-star celebrity cast.


    In 2007, he co-produced the film NOISE starring Tim Robbins and William Hurt, directed by Henry Bean.


    Tony Line-Produced the New York/New Jersey unit of director Wayne Kramer’s RUNNING SCARED starring Paul Walker, for Media 8 Entertainment in 2004. In 2003, he Line-Produced the feature film CHARLIE’S WAR starring Olympia Dukakis and Lynn Redgrave for Cristobel Films.


    In 2002–2003, Tony line-produced and second-unit directed the critically acclaimed feature film NARC starring Ray Liotta and Jason Patric for Paramount Pictures. He also acted as Associate Producer on the concert film FREEBIRD THE MOVIE, documenting the original Lynyrd Skynyrd band before their tragic plane crash.


    He has produced countless commercial spots and television programs including ABC TV, ABC 2000 Aerosmith spots, ABC TV GOOD MORNING, AMERICA DOWNTOWN spots, SAVE OUR HISTORY and MAIL CALL for the History Channel, DYI national promos, Home & Garden Network national spots and spots for the Metro Channel.


    Tony graduated from the Film, Broadcasting and Television Production program with a Bachelor of Arts from the State University of New York at Oswego. Tony served as President of the University’s Undergraduate Alumni Association where he organized and produced influential guest appearances by speakers such as former Presidential candidate George McGovern.



    Andy PalmerAndy Palmer has been in the "Biz" for more than 25 years.  Originally from New York,  Andy is a classically trained actor who spent the early part of his career performing Off-Broadway, in regional theater,  and touring nationally. He has performed Shakespeare with Robert Sean Leonard and worked on film projects alongside such talents as Christopher Plummer, Patrick Stewart, Orlando Bloom, Paul Reiser, and Robert Vaughn.


    He has worked with Director Cameron Crowe and has performed on stage at Lincoln center, charged with the high intensity and nailbiting (for others) job of safely beating up and lynching Placido Domingo in "Fanciulla Del West" at the Metropolitan Opera.

    Andy has had recurring roles on a number of NY Soaps and has worked in commercials and voice overs. He was the voice of Batman in multiple stunt shows in the Six Flags Amusement Parks.


    Andy’s skills and training in stage combat and stunt work lead him to the Universal Studios Hollywood  Theme park. For more than ten years, he was responsible for managing and fight/stunt choreographing  a number of live shows like Terminator 2 : 3D and Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure.


    In recent years Andy has turned his interests towards producing both live shows and motion pictures.   His first foray into producing horror films is the upcoming DEMON LEGACY starring  John Savage.


    He has been a Producer for the Ovation Nominated Comedy "Santasia" for over a decade and has produced 3 dozen episodes of the award winning comedy web series "The Adventures of Super 7" an action packed, comedy homage to the spy genre of the 60s and 70s.





    David BridgesA graduate of Britain’s National Film and Television School, David Bridges started his career as a cinematographer shooting documentaries for British television. In 1979 he went to China with Isaac Stern to shoot ‘From Mao to Mozart’, the 1980 Academy Award winner for best documentary. He directed and photographed ‘The Sindbad Voyage’, three one hour films depicting the origins of the Sindbad stories, and the spread of Islam in the 8th and 9th centuries, which won Gold and Silver awards at the Toulouse and Houston Film Festivals.


    During this period he had also started shooting music videos, most notably for Tears for Fears, and also directed and photographed ‘Bandaid’, a ‘Grammy’ nominated documentary about recording session for the famine relief effort led by Bob Geldof. He has also been nominated for best cinematography for Don Henley’s ‘The End of the Innocence’.


    Mr. Bridges started shooting features in 1982 with ‘On Top’, a rock musical set in Iceland. To date he has photographed 26 feature films, most notably ‘WALKER, shot in Nicaragua, directed by Alex Cox and starring Ed Harris.


    David has also worked in television, shooting series for ABC and NBC, MOWs and various pilots, including that for ‘Beverly Hills 90210’.


    Recently, Mr. Bridges has shot a number of lower budget genre thrillers such as NEVERMORE with Lance Henricksen and COFFIN BABY with Academy Award Nominee Bruce Dern and most recently LAKE MEAD for Executive Producer Eli Roth.  His experience and expertise add great value to our production, not only creatively,  but in terms of efficiency and budget considerations.


    David’s Reel can be viewed here:   http://davidbridgesreel.com/showreel.html




    A Fiery Demon from Hell




    The Effects Masters from IMMORTAL MASKS are on board to help bring our demons and ghouls to life. Their work can be seen in BATTLE LOS ANGELES with Aaron Eckhart, HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS with Jeremy Renner, SUSHI GIRL and the DEVIL’S CARNIVAL. And of course, the teaser video for HELL HOUNDS.


    Their amazing masks can be seen at theme parks around the world.


    You can check out their work at ImmortalMasks.com




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